Abraham Samad (KPK Commissioner)

Born in Makassar, South Sulawesi, November 27, 1966, Abraham completed his undergraduate degree to Grade 3 at Hasanuddin University. Abraham Samad holds a Doctorate at the same University in 2010.

Starting his legal career as a legal consultant, Abraham then initiated the establishment of the Anti Corruption Committee (ACC) in South Sulawesi and became its coordinator.

Through this NGO, Abraham wanted to encourage the creation of a good governance system. Abraham has also been a Legal Counsel Team for the Legislative Monitoring Committee (KOPEL) of Sulawesi.

The youngest KPK chairman was elected after winning 43 votes out of a total of 56 votes in the voting process at the DPR Law Commission


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  Zulkarnain (KPK Deputy Commissioner)


Born in Lubuk Basung, West Sumatera December 1, 1951, Zulkarnain was elected to the Chief Justice, serving as an Attorney General's Expert Staff. Graduated with a law degree from North Sumatra University in 1977, Zulkarnain then completed his Master's Degree in Law at IBLAM Jakarta in 2004.

As one of the KPK leaders who came from the elements of the prosecutor's office, Zulkarnain has served several functional positions in the Attorney General's Office. His career at the Public Prosecutor's Office was initiated as the Head of Meulaboh Probation Proceedings (1980), Zulkarnain subsequently served as Head of Sibolga Kejati Sumut (1983) and the functional Prosecutor at Kejari Sibolga Kejati Sumut.

Various positions in the Prosecutor's Office have been held by Zulkarnain with assignments in various regions. Zulkarnain's career continues to skyrocket into Kasubag Pembinaaan (1987), Head of Special Crime Session (1991), Chief Prosecutor of Pare-Pare Sulsel (1996), Assistant Intelligence of Papua (1999) and Chief Prosecutor of Batam (2002). Assistant for Intelligence Division of Kejati Jawa Tengah (2003), Deputy Chief of Attorney General of Aceh (2006), Director of Attorney General Prosecutor (2006), Head of South Kalimantan Prosecutor's Office (2007), Head of East Java Prosecutor Office (2008), Secretary of JAM Intelligence Attorney General (2009) and Expert Staff of the Attorney General (2010- Now)

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Bambang Widjojanto (KPK Deputy Commissioner)

Born in Jakarta, October 18, 1959, the name Bambang Widjojanto is not a foreign name in the legal world of Indonesia. Bachelor degree Strata I achieved from the University Jayabaya then followed by Postgraduate Study of Business Law University of Padjadjaran Bandung (2005). While the title of Doctor of Law Science achieved by Bambang from Padjadjaran University Bandung in 2009.

Bambang Widjojanto is a lawyer, once chaired the Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation, and is the founder of KONTRAS (Commission for the Disappeared and Victims of Violence) with the late Munir. In 1993 the holder of a master's degree in law from the University of London, England was awarded the Robert F Kennedy Human Rights Awards for being consistent in defending the rights of Papuans.

Early in his career, Bambang joined many legal aid agencies (LBH), such as LBH Jakarta, LBH Jayapura (1986-1993), and Yayasan LBH Indonesia replaced Adnan Buyung Nasution as LBH Indonesia Foundation Management Board (1995-2000). Bambang is also one of the founders of the National Law Reform Consortium (KRHN), Kontras, and Indonesian Corruption Watch (ICW). Due to his diligence in the field of human rights, he was awarded the Kennedy Human Rights Award in 1993.

The development of various law enforcement agencies in Indonesia is also not separated from the touch of thought Bambang. Some of them are: Members of the Committee of Selection of the Prosecutor Commission conducted by the Attorney General's Office (2005), Member of the Ad Hoc Tipikor Judicial Selection Committee conducted by the Supreme Court (2005), Members of the Supreme Judicial Selection Committee conducted by the Judicial Commission (2007), Expert Attorney Agung RI in the field of reform of the Prosecutor's Office (2006-2009).

His educational background also varied. In addition to formal education, Bambang attended a number of courses related to law and human rights in the United States, the Netherlands and the UK. In 2001, he took a postgraduate course at the School of Oriental and Africand Studies, London University.

The Special Experience for the Prevention and / or Eradication of Corruption, Bambang was a member of the Anti-Corruption Movement (Garansi), a Coalition member for the Establishment of the Constitutional Court Law, became a lawyer / KPK Legal Advisory Team and conducted a number of research related to corruption in Indonesia.

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 Busyro Muqoddas (KPK Deputy Commissioner)

  Born in Yogyakarta, July 17, 1952, graduated with a law degree at the Islamic University of Indonesia, obtained a Master of Law degree from Gadjah Mada University, and completed his Master's degree in Law at the Islamic University of Indonesia, Yogyakarta.

Various positions in the field of law have been acted by Busjro, starting from the Director of Legal Consultation and Aid Institute of Law Faculty of Islamic University of Indonesia, Yogyakarta (1983-1986), member of IKADIN Yogyakarta Code of Ethics (1998-2000), member of ICM Yogyakarta Ethics Council (2000 -2005). In addition to Busyro, Busyro is believed to be Chairman of the Judicial Commission starting in 2005 before finally elected as Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission in 2010.

In academic circles, Busyro has the experience of being Vice Dean III of the Faculty of Law of the Islamic University of Indonesia (1986-1988), continued as Assistant Dean I of the Faculty of Law of the Islamic University of Indonesia until 1990.

The father of three children has attended the Training on Investigation of Serious Human Rights Violations (2004) and international pre-training participants in the field of Human Rights, Conflict Transformation and Peace Promotion in Norway organized by the Director General for Human Rights Protection of the Department of Law and Human Rights in cooperation with the Institute of Human Rights, University of Oslo Norway, in Bogor (2004). Busyro who has a hobby of reading books and sports, in 2008 won the Bung Hatta Anti Corruption Award (BHACA).

Busyro was elected Chairman of KPK after passing a series of fit and proper test by Commission III of DPR RI on 25 November 2010. Replacing KPK Chairman Antasari Azhar, Busyro was sworn in and taken oath by President RI on December 20, 2010. Busyro Muqoddas position as Commissioner KPK was decided to 4 year (ending 2014) after the Constitutional Court issued Decision Number 005 / UUP-IX / VI / 2011 regarding the term of office of KPK. This decision was issued after ICW filed a judicial review of article 34 of Law no. 30 Year 2002 on KPK related to the term of office of KPK Leadership.

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  Adnan Pandu Praja (KPK Deputy Commissioner)

  Born in Jakarta, January 14, 1960, Adnan Pandu Praja before being elected KPK Leader served as a member and Secretary General of the National Police Commission (Kompolnas).

Obtained his law degree from the University of Indonesia in 1987, Adnan completed his academic degree in Specialization Notrait and Land (Sp.N) University of Indonesia (1996) and Master of Law (LL.M) University of Technology, Sydney Australia (2003).

Before being active as a police observer, Adnan Pandu Praja had an advocate background. He has served as Deputy Secretary General of the Association of Capital Market Legal Consultants, Editorial Journal of Law and Development Faculty of Law University of Indonesia, and others.

Adnan Pandu Praja has been registered as Advocate of Indonesian Advocates Association (Peradi) since 1992, Advocate of Warens Partners Law Firm (1995-2005) and Member of Kompolnas for two periods (2006-2011). In addition, Adnan has also been the Chair of the NGO and Community Coalition Team for the Draft Law on Police (2011), Permanent Members and Active Participants Working Group (POKJA) of the Police Reform, established by Polri and Partnership for Governance Reform in Indonesia / UNDP (2000- 2003).

Coloring the government bureaucracy, Adnan was once a Member of the Working Group on Law Enforcement and Justice Reform (Presidential Advisory Council) in 2010.

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 Taufiequrachman Ruki (KPK Acting Commissioner 2015)

  Former Chairman of KPK Volume I (2003-2007) was born in Rangkasbitung, Banten, May 18, 1946. The best graduate of Police Academy (Akpol) 1971 was once Chief of Resort Police Cianjur (1989-1991), Chief of Resort Police Tasikmalayan (1991 - 1992 ), Secretary of Directorate of Traffic Polda Jabar (1992) Head of Malang Police (1992 - 1997). For his service and dedication, Ruki received the Satya Lencana Loyalty Award VIII, XIV, XXIV and Bintang Bhayangkara Narariya and Pratama.

In addition to the police, the best graduate of Police Academy (Akpol) in 1971 was a career in politics by becoming a member of the House of Representatives, Commission III / Law of the National Police faction in 1992 - 1995 and the period 1997-1999.

After completing his duties at KPK, Ruki is believed to be the President Commissioner of PT. Krakatau Steel 2008-2009, then continued his service by becoming a member of the State Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia 2009-2013, and President Commissioner of PT. Bank Jabar Banten 2014-2015. Now, Ruki came back after President Joko Widodo entrusted him as Plt. KPK Chairman replaces the non-active KPK Chairman Abraham Samad.

Johan Budi Sapto Pribowo (KPK Acting Deputy Commissioner 2015)


Johan Budi was a former journalist, began his service at the KPK in 2005 as Functional at the Directorate of Education and Public Service (Dikyanmas). In 2008, Johan was trusted as Director of Dikyanmas, until 2009. Only a year in office, Johan then promoted to Head of Public Relations Bureau until 2014.

His duties grew in 2006. The alumni of the Department of Gas and Petrochemical Engineering from the University of Indonesia is also believed to be the KPK spokesman, until now. His instincts as a former journalist, made him sensitive to always present and serve information to journalists quickly and accurately. Not surprisingly, if Johan was named the most cooperative speaker by Radio Elshinta in 2010 and 2014, awards as the most active speaker on the Pro 3 News Center LPP RRI newscast and was crowned as "Golden Speaker" from Rakyat Merdeka daily in 2013.

His dedication as a public relations person is also appreciated with a number of awards, among others, Public Relations Figures Press Association of Companies Press (SPS) 2013, Best Public Relations In PR Media Award (AMH) 2014 and Best Practitioner in public relations by ASEAN Public Relation Network at 2014.

Loyalty and integrity of men born in Mojokerto, January 29, 1966 is indeed no doubt. Therefore, he is trusted as Deputy of Prevention by 2014. On 20 February 2015, President Joko Widodo entrusted himself as the Vice Chairman of the KPK, replacing the non-active Vice Chairman Bambang Widjojanto.

 Indriyanto Seno Adji (KPK Acting Deputy Commissioner 2015)

  Men born in Jakarta, November 11, 1957 is more active as an advocate and lecturer at several universities. He completed his law degree at the University of Indonesia in 1982, Master of Laws in the specialty of the Criminal Justice System of the Graduate Program of the University of Indonesia, Law Studies Program in 1996, and Doctoral Program of Law Science in Criminal Specificity of Post-Graduate Program of the University of Indonesia.

Indriyanto was later elected to Plt. Vice Chairman of the Commission replaces the previous Vice Chairman of the Commission, Busyro Muqaddas expiring on December 16, 2014. Previously, this law professor also became an expert consultant at the National Legal Development Board (BPHN), a member of the preparation team for the establishment of the Corruption Eradication Commission, as well as lecturer at several universities, such as Postgraduate Program of University of Indonesia in Law Science, Law Master Program of Krisnadwipayana University, Graduate Program of Pelita Harapan University, and University Degree Program of Police Science