Deputy for Enforcement works to formulate and implement policies on corruption crime enforcement.

Deputy for Enforcement has the following functions:
- To formulate policies for subdivisions of preliminary investigation, investigation, prosecution, and coordination and supervision of corruption cases handled by other law enforcers;
- To hold preliminary investigation on corruption allegation and work with other law enforcers in preliminary investigation activities;
- To investigate corruption crime cases and work with other law enforcers in the investigation activities;
- To prosecute, file legal action, implement judge’s decision and court’s ruling, and carry out other legal actions related to corruption crime handling according to existing regulations;
- To coordinate with and supervise other law enforcers conducting preliminary investigation, investigation and prosecution of corruption crime cases;
- To carry out administrative activities and maintain resources and operational supports within the office of Deputy for Enforcement;
- To coordinate, synchronize, evaluate and maintain working relations on preliminary investigation, investigation, prosecution and coordination and supervision of corruption crime handling by other law enforcers; and
- To carry out other tasks given by the Commissioners accordingly.

Deputy for Enforcement reports to KPK Commissioners.

Deputy for Enforcement supervises:
1. Directorate of Preliminary Investigation;
2. Directorate of Investigation;
3. Directorate of Prosecution;
4. Unit of Coordination and Supervision;
5. Unit of Asset Tracing, Evidence Management and Execution; and
6. Secretariat of Deputy for Enforcement