According to Law No. 31/1999 in conjunction with Law No. 20/2001 Article 12c paragraph 2 and Law No. 30/2002 Article 16, every Government Employee or State Official who receives gratuity shall submit a report to the Corruption Eradication Commission through the following procedures:
a. Gratuity recipient shall report the gratuity to KPK, no later than 30 (thirty) working days from the date the gratuity is received.
b. The report shall be submitted in writing by filling in a form as determined by the Corruption Eradication Commission, accompanied by related documents.
c. The form as referred to in letter b shall contain at the very least:
- Full name and full address of the recipient and the giver of gratuity
- The position of the Government Employee or State Official
- Date, time and place of the receipt;
- Description of the gratuity received; and
- The value of gratuity received

Gratuity Reporting Form can be acquired at KPK Office or downloaded here.

Examples of Gifts that can be categorized as Gratuity:
• Gift or money as a thank-you for help received
• Gift or contribution at a wedding of an official’s child from a government partner’s office
• A free travel ticket given to an official or their family for private affairs
• Special discounted price given to an official for the purchase of goods or service by a government partner’s office
• Pilgrimage of an official paid by a government partner’s office
• A birthday gift or gift for other private events given by a government partner
• A gift or souvenir given to an official on a work visit
• A gift or parcel given to an official for a religious holiday celebration by their partner or subordinate.
• All of the above can be categorized as gratuities if there is a work or service relationship between the giver and the recipient and/or if there is a connection with the recipient’s position or title.