The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has officially issued its 2019 Annual Report today (27/7) through an online talk show opened by KPK Deputy Commissioner, Alexander Marwata.

The 2019 KPK Annual Report embraces the theme “Composing a Symphony against Corruption” which combines the elements of synergy and participation. “These 2 words are very meaningful to us here in KPK. We have the duties to combine everything into a symphony, a grand orchestral work of corruption eradication,” said Alex.

The launching of 2019 KPK Annual Report is done online due to the pandemic. “The launching is normally done by inviting stakeholders at the beginning of the year, but this year we just have the chance to do it in the middle of the year; however, this still has to be done.”

Alex further said that as a public institution, in accordance with Article 20 of KPK Law, KPK has the obligation to report the performance of its duties to the President, the House of Representatives (DPR), and the Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia (BPK).

Alex realizes the love the public has for KPK, as well as their high expectations of KPK. However, KPK has not yet been able to completely give the best results. Therefore, Alex declared his willingness to receive all criticisms and suggestions if the public feels that KPK has not been able to fulfil their hopes yet.

The talk show “Composing a Symphony against Corruption” is a part of the launching event of 2019 KPK Annual Report. Five speakers attended the show, namely Pahala Nainggolan (KPK Deputy of Prevention), Danang Widoyoko (Secretary General of TII), Ferry Sofwan Arif, (Inspector of West Java Regional Government), Fitri M.S. (Young Apparatus Community), Retno Kristanti (a businesswoman and agent of SPAK), and Febri Diansyah (Head of KPK’s Public Relations Bureau) as the moderator.

Pahala explained that there has been much synergy built between KPK’s Bureau of Prevention and the local governments, especially the inspectorates as the extension of KPK in local areas. “These will be done continuously as the prevention of corruption is part of corruption eradication,” said Pahala.

From a different perspective, Danang explained that KPK must safeguard the transformation process and usher in more fundamental changes in the development of our country’s governance system and public services, so that the people can feel the benefits and the existence of KPK. “We can’t let it be the doom symphony of KPK”, he said.

Broadcasted live on KPK YouTube channel, the talk show also presented two female speakers, one of whom was Fitri M.S., an employee of the Ministry of Finance who is also an activist of the Young Apparatus Community, who expressed her hope for a continuous effort by KPK to make prevention programs. “We believe that the prevention programs must also include examples. The more examples institution leaders give, the better the corruption prevention programs’ chance of success in those institutions,” she said.

Retno Kristanti, a businesswoman who is also an agent of Saya Perempuan Anti Korupsi (SPAK), an anti-corruption women organization, expressed her wish for KPK to also expand the prevention campaign to the private sectors. “We would like KPK to assist businesswomen in learning about integrity when doing business,” she said. As a SPAK agent, Retno mentioned that she received very interesting training programs to promote the roles of women as corruption prevention agents. “I want these training programs to also provide materials needed in the business world,” she added.

At the end of the talk show, Febri Diansyah invited all Indonesian citizens to keep supporting KPK in eradicating corruption because this task requires the joint efforts of all the components of the nation.