KPK writes performance accountability report as its institutional responsibility to the authority on the implementation of its tasks and functions. The report provides insight on KPK’s responsibility in meeting every targets and using available resources.

The report methodology is based on Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Minister Regulation No. 53/2014 on Technical Guidelines on Performance Agreement, Performance Report, and Performance Review of Government Institutions. The legal basis of this report, meanwhile, is KPK Strategic Plan 2015-2019 that presents analyses on targets and realizations of KPK’s key performance indicators (KPI) in 2017.

Download KPK Performance Accountability Report 2017

In accordance with KPK Strategic Plan 2015 - 2019, KPK Budget Work Plan 2016, and Leadership Direction Year 2016, KPK has tried to work to meet every target. In 2016, KPK's performance achievement using Balanced Scorecard as its performance management tools counted 102.2% ("Very Satisfactory"). This achievement figure is an accumulation of performance from various activities that are grouped into 4 perspectives, namely:

The performance accountability report is prepared as accountability to the stakeholders and complies with Presidential Instruction Number 7 of 1999 which mandates every government institution / state institution financed by the state budget to deliver the report. This report details organizational responsibilities and resource usage responsibilities for the organization's mission.

The foundation for this report is the 2011-2015 KPK Strategic Plan by presenting an analysis of the targets and realization of the KPI which is the focus of the KPK's work in 2015. In the process of managing the performance management from corporate to individual levels, the KPK uses software with a performance management approach which is balanced scorecard based.

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