Jakarta, 31 August 2020. The Corruption Eradication Commission reminded Prospective Regional Head Candidates for the 2020 Regional Head Election to begin to be transparent regarding their assets by start making their state official wealth report (LHKPN) to the KPK.

"Apart from being transparent, this asset reporting is also a requirement for being nominated in accordance with the statutory regulations," said KPK Acting Spokesperson for Prevention Ipi Maryati Kuding.

This reminder is given to prospective candidates for regional heads, especially for those who are not state officials (PN) or who are reporting their assets for the first time. They fall into the special category of mandatory reporting.

This is because, according to the mandate of Law No. 10 of 2016 on the Election of Governors, Regents, and Mayors and Law Number 11 of 2006 on the Government of Aceh, acquiring the receipt for the submission of LHKPN is one of the requirements in the election of governors, regents and mayors.

With regard to the obligation to submit LHKPN as a requirement for candidacy, the KPK has also issued technical instructions for submitting and providing receipts for asset reports, namely in the form of KPK Leadership Circular Number 07.1 of 2020 dated 31 March 2020.

There are three things regulated in this circular. First, the submission of LHKPN must be carried out online via elhkpn.kpk.go.id. Secondly, the KPK only provides LHKPN receipts after going through the KPK verification process. Finally, the LHKPN receipt that can be used as one of the requirements in the Pilkada is a receipt given by the KPK for submitting LHKPN online via elhkpn.kpk.go.id from 1 January 2020 until the last day of the revision period of the candidate requirements, both in the periodic and special reporting framework.

To support the smooth running of the process, the KPK reminds prospective candidates to adjust the time of submitting the LHKPN with the period of revision of the nomination requirements and/or candidate requirements as regulated in the applicable KPU regulations. This is to ensure that any prospective candidates have sufficient time for the verification process and/or to complete any incomplete requirements.

KPK Leadership Circular Number 07.1 of 2020 dated 31 March 2020

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